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Polarizer Cone

# E 3030
Polarizer Cone
The Polarizer EMF devices consist of a Lakhovsky-type coil embedded in a special resin-like material. The copper coil, invented by Russian engineer Georges Lakhovsky, operates on the principle that when outside frequencies are in harmony with the body, the cells become stronger. If outside frequencies (such as those produced by electrical devices) are of a different frequency, the cells weaken. The coil captures frequencies from living cells, boosting immune response and strengthening cells. The technology protects biological systems from harmful radiation produced by AC electric devices such as appliances, microwaves, TVs and computers.

This compact, cone-shaped device is designed for the home. Simply rest it on top of any plugged-in electrical cord, which then polarizes all the electricity in the home. No plug required! You can also put it on the floor of an airplane to do the same thing. Even your plants will benefit if you place a coil next to them.
Polarizer also makes the Pocket Polarizer for personal protection--great for traveling!

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